Natural Wheat Drinking Straw

Natural Wheat Drinking Straw

✔ REDUCE WASTE & PLASTIC USE - Reducing use of the worlds' plastic straws is becoming a huge trend, and for great reason! In the US alone, over 500 million plastic straws are used daily! Our straws are made from wheat stalks - we use no plastics or chemicals in our manufacturing process, and these straws are fully biodegradable, reducing environmental impact on the earth! ✔ WON'T GET SOGGY OR SOFT - Paper straws are a good replacement for plastic, but they tend to get soggy after just a short time! Naturally Chic's straws are sturdier and won't get mushy in liquids. These are slightly reusable and strong enough to be used for a couple drinks before being thrown away! ✔ PERFECT FOR MEDIUM TO TALLER DRINKS - These longer 7.5 inch straws are ideal for cocktails, soft drinks, larger coffee drinks, and any beverages served in medium-to-tall glasses or cups. ✔ MADE FROM SUSTAINABLE WHEAT HAY - Our environmentally friendly bulk straws are made from a by-product of wheat production. After wheat is harvested, the decomposable stalks are used for various purposes such as animal feed - and in our case, drinking straws! ✔ GLUTEN FREE - Although made from wheat, there is no actual grain involved in the production of Naturally Chic's Raw Straws. Those with gluten sensitivities need not worry!

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Natural wheat drinking straw


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Wheat drinking straw












Many straws are labeled as not containing bisphenol propane, but other harmful substances may be present.

Disposable plastic straws are stable and non-degradable, and it takes at least 2,000 years for them to be degraded in nature.

About 800 to 1,100 tons of plastic waste enters the ocean each year, and most of it is broken down into debris and eaten by marine life.

Have you seen these environmentally friendly straws?

Wheat straw straw needs to be harvested by hand, boiled in high temperature brine, sterilized by first-grade high temperature heating and drying (avoiding secondary pollution caused by natural drying on wheat straw pipette), etc., so that you can use it with confidence. The straw straw diameter is 2-4mm, the length can be customized. 12-21cm, shelf life 18 months.

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A2:Sure ,but the customers need offer mould charge in advance

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A4:Do your products accept do as EXW?


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Q4:Yes, we delivery the products to USA Amazon warehouse everyday.

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