Disposables Plant Wheat Drinking Straw

Disposables Plant Wheat Drinking Straw

ALL NATURAL - Wheat straws are made from a natural by-product of wheat production. After wheat is harvested, the decomposable stalks are used for various purposes such as feeding animals - and in our case, drinking straws! ✅ GLUTEN FREE - Our hay straws are gluten free, they are made from stems. Once the wheat is harvested, we take the stems and rinse them three times and then cut to size. ✅ ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY- Our drinking hay straws are 100% biodegradable. Not only we are helping minimize waste by using natural by-product of wheat production, but also helping the environment by not using plastic products that don't decompose for centuries. ✅ HIGH QUALITY - Our biodegradable wheat straws are of high quality. We hand pick and sort the stems and only use the best ones. You can reuse your hay straws multiple times before discarding them. Eco friendly hay straws are sturdier and unlike paper straws they won't get soggy. Each straw is 8 inches(20cm) long ✅ GREAT VALUE - You can use these natural straws for different occasions. They come in a pack of 100 straws-enough for a big party or for a small family to last for months.

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Disposables plant wheat drinking straw


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Wheat drinking straw











The wheat straw used in this product is produced after being sterilized by boiling high temperature brine. The finished product obtained by the method has a certain hardness and has good water repellency, and has a single straw flavor, and the color thereof is the natural color of the wheat straw, and the production and use of the product are environmentally friendly and safe.

Pure natural wheat straw is black and brown because of its natural growth. This is a natural phenomenon, not mildew. Please know.

Product images may differ in color depending on the location of the shooting. Please refer to the actual product for details.

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Q4:Yes, we delivery the products to USA Amazon warehouse everyday.

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