Puzzle Pet Dog Bite Food Ball

Puzzle Pet Dog Bite Food Ball

{2PCS Dog Ball Toys for Tooth Clean }The light blue and Green IQ treat ball with light mint scent,clean teeth and massage gums as a toothbrush,help pets grinding their teeth,Prevent dental Plaque and Tartar Build Up,keep their gums healthy. {Safe Nontoxic Material}These tough treat balls made of natural durable rubber material,nontoxic,health,soft,non-abrasive, good elasticity and puncture bite resistant.safe for your dog grinding and cleaning their teeth. {Filled pet snacks}Special leaking design,can put some dog food snacks or other small treats into the grooves .When Pets fetch and play interact games,The food will fall out of the rolling ball(Side slots and a hollow center can control the food coming out not too fast)increase some fooding interest of pets. {IQ Training and Excercise Fun Toy}The Chewing Toy can train your dog When they bite the treat ball. Improve Intelligence and sensitive,keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. accompany your dogs and increase dog’s interest when they are home alone,helps dog keep away from boredom. {Good interactive toys for increaseing your relationship with pets} offer more way to interact with your pets,playing together or training,increase more amusement.your relationship with pets will be closer with the interesting chew toys.

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                  Puzzle pet toy teeth molar bite dog bite food ball flexible pet molar bite molar tooth                                                                                 cleaning toy



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 Puzzle pet dog bite food ball




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Doggy Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy


Dog toy

Model NumberADGYG-1409



Packingopp bag

Dog IQ Treat Chew Ball Toy with light mint scent 
Why our pet need this toy?

Toys mainly prevent dogs from damaging the environment and reduce the loneliness of pets. Dogs often use some destructive behavior to alleviate the troubles, restraints, and the pressure that loneliness brings them. To reduce their damage to sofas, furniture and books, the owner can provide them with some toys to play.

Solve stress and boredom: The toy can reduce loneliness and boring when when they are home alone.

Avoid damage to the environment:It can effectively Divert attention of pets, reduce the destructive behavior caused by boredom from pet.let them playing quiet,reduce chaotic bites.

Keep Dental Healthy:The Molar toy cleans dog's teeth and massages the gums.Reduce dental plaque, tartar buildup and bleeding gums.also can freshen your dogs breath because of the mint scent.

Strengthen the relationship between your pets:Stimulating dog's IQ and Improve their Intelligence and sensitive.Spending happy time with your dog.


Material:Safe Natural Nontoxic Rubber.

Diameter:5 cm/approx 1.96 inch

Color:light blue+green

suit for:Dogs and Cats

Clean Way:just normal soap and water or just water. 

Package include:2pcs dog toy ball with opp bag


1,Toy must be larger than the width of your dog's mouth

2,Color may be brighter or darker due to the different PC display.

3,This toy should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage In order to ensure no accidental swallowing.If any damage is seen the toy should then be discarded. 

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