Pet Pacifier Shape Rubber Molar Stick

Pet Pacifier Shape Rubber Molar Stick

Natural rubber: Made of soft natural rubber, safe and non-toxic, use with confidence. The toy molar stick has bite resistance and flexibility, and the nipple shape can attract pets and stimulate the pet's nature. Specifications: Suitable for bite length 9.5cm, weight only 30g, very suitable for cute cats, dogs. Rugby Toys: A good toy can train a dog's sensitivity. It is different from other boring toys; when you are not at home, activate the atmosphere to avoid pet boredom and irritability. It enhances the relationship between the pet and the owner. Grinding teeth: This solid rubber toy is very bite-resistant to meet the nature of pets like bites and to reduce damage to furniture. Design concept: The toy used for biting can promote the healthy growth of the pet, maintain its nature and instinct, it can cultivate the wisdom of the pet, of course, it is very important to keep the pet's teeth healthy and eliminate bad breath.

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                             Pet vocal toy cat dog rubber bite-resistant stick pacifier shape molars toy


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 Pet Pacifier Shape Rubber Molar Stick




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Doggy Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy


Dog toy

Model NumberADGYG-1600



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Pet Pacifier Shape Rubber Molar Stick

Name:Pacifier shape pet molar stick toy 

Material: natural rubber 

Size: 9.5cm long 

Weight: about 30 grams/piece 

Color: blue, pink,Green

The product includes: 3 molar toys (you think you bought one, in fact, this is a suit, we will give you extra toys of different colors) 

Features: environmental protection, bite resistance, molars 

Design concept: This is a toy designed for cats and dogs. The company of cats and dogs makes us happier, so this molar stick can express your love for it. Bite toys can help your pet grow healthily, maintain its nature and instinct, and develop pet intelligence. Of course, when you are not at home, pets will not get tired of toys, they will not damage the furniture, and your pet will like this toy very much. 

If you really like your pet and want it to be healthy and happy, there is no doubt that this toy is your best choice. 

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