Traditional Artificial Flower Production

- Jan 26, 2019-

The traditional artificial flower production process is: the material of the petal is a large cloth, which is first screen printed, and then the shape of the petals is punched out in a punching machine, and then colored, pasted and trimmed. The technique of bionic strange flowers is not like this. Yimei artificial flower petals are through the mold like teeth

The paste is directly extruded. Its advantage is that the production speed is fast, and the curvature of the petal shape can be vivid, such as calla lily, mandala and so on. The artificial flower, using high-tech environmentally friendly materials and new flower-making technology, perfectly replicates the texture and shape of the flower, producing

A new concept of bionic flowers. The artificial flower will become the mainstream product of decorative flowers, replacing the various artificial flowers currently on the market. Artificial flower

 It has the effect of purifying air, which can keep people away from the harm of secondhand smoke. The flower flower of the artificial flower can use the carbon fiber tip of the high-voltage end to discharge the air, thereby generating negatively charged oxygen ions, which can function as an oxygen sterilization and purify the air, which is equivalent to having a natural oxygen bar.

. The wonderful market of Yihai artificial flowers is so unique and has huge investment space. Using the latest artificial flower technology and high-simulation materials, it has abandoned traditional paper, cloth, enamel, yarn, cashmere and other traditional materials, not only the shape, the color is the same as the real flower, and even the feel is extremely

Like real flowers, not real flowers, better than real flowers, is a must for modern home, business, wedding! Not only the flower arrangement technique is exquisite, but also the appearance of the artificial flower is enough to achieve the effect of realism. Not only the flowers are realistic, but also the work of the flower branches is unambiguous, except that the color is almost the same as the true flower branch.

The feeling of the unevenness of the real flower branches, some of the artificial branches of the rose flower even touched it with some stabs, and more with the real flower. Natural beauty simulation flower processing, at the same time, the artificial flower material is also more and more abundant, chemical fiber cloth, silk, crepe, cotton cloth, linen, paper, bubble

Foam and wood are widely used, and plastic flowers are very rare. Whether the flower style is more popular, whether the flower arrangement is more realistic, has become the focus of attention, and the artificial flowers are better protected. According to different people's preferences, choose different product management and match, for people

Our lives bring more exciting, artificial flowers to decorate life and create beauty. Are you still hesitating in the face of a huge market of blowouts? Natural beauty simulation flowers have huge development space and profitable market, and investment can quickly achieve success! We will be from a professional perspective

Departure, with a full range of high-level wedding services, to ease the burden of planning weddings, optimize the wedding plan, natural beauty simulation flowers to make every detail of your wedding more perfect, let you easily enjoy the sweet moments of life.