The Decoration Of The Simulated Leaves Makes The Home More Like Nature

- Jan 26, 2019-

A few days ago, a friend sent a circle of friends saying, "I love small plants, but I can’t take care of them all the time. I’m dead in the room and I’m dead.·····” I am deeply embarrassed, this friend is a very understanding person, but usually too busy, busy to give

There are no small plants sprinkling water. The friends who are busy and looking for the quality of the day will give them support. For example, friends who love plants, friends who love flowers and plants, friends who love nature, Xiaobian usually Advocating that they should buy some artificial plants or imitation

The flowers are placed at home so that they can satisfy their quest.

Many friends may not know much about these artificial plants. The following small series will give us what is a simulated plant under the popular science! The artificial plant is a fake plant, and some green plants made of environmentally-friendly materials are used. Big tree product, its distance from real plants

The departure is that the real plants have environmental constraints, and the simulated plants are not environmentally constrained. Any local area can livelihood, and it has the same effect as the surface of the real plants. It is really because the simulation plants have become a substitute in recent years. Excellent decoration of plants

It has become a product of home decoration.

In real life, we often see simulated plants. In our days, some of the park's landscaping trees, some of the scenic trees, and so on, all have simulated plants. They are in the present days. The decoration environment of the capital, such as some rings

The dark and humid environment is not easy to be cultivated by real plants. If you use artificial plants instead, you can not only reach the same beautiful effect, but also can deal with the long-time production scene in the room, and then use your own plants to decorate the home with simulated plants. The environment can make us look like

Stay in nature.

Now there are many varieties of artificial plants sold in the mall, and many companies that do simulation plants have their own factories. They belong to the factory, like the simulation plants are factories, and the service is still integrated, produced, sold, planned and installed. One-stop service, dedicated to