Teach You To Choose A Swimsuit, There Are Countermeasures!

- Jan 26, 2019-

Which one is thin in a swimsuit with a pure color and a swimsuit with a small wave point? Hard to say. But the wavelet point is definitely much thinner than the big wave point. So, if you are full-bodied, buy a swimsuit and try to choose a solid color or a small pattern. 2 In addition, you can also use "large patterns to show large, warm

The spring swimwear wholesale small pattern is small" visual principle, through the contrast of the size pattern, to modify the body, strength and avoid weakness.

Through the PS, the model's chest is printed with a large wave point, and the lower half of the swimsuit is printed with a small wave point, so that the contrast of the size pattern will make the chest full. Not good enough? Teach you to choose a swimsuit, there are countermeasures!

By comparing the size patterns, you can balance your body shape. The upper body is thin and the lower body fat can choose the upper body big pattern, the lower body small pattern or solid color; the upper body fat lower body thin, then the upper body small pattern or solid color, the lower body large pattern can be.

Not good enough? Teach you to choose a swimsuit, there are countermeasures! Pay attention to the shape of the swimsuit! In addition to the pattern of the swimsuit, you need to pay attention to the version of the swimsuit. Especially those who are fat, or have a large chest, a serious breast, and a thick upper arm. But change it to a shoulder strap, the shoulder strap is wide enough,

The swimsuit with the steel support, the chest shape and the body shape are all good. The arm is also thin and the body is not good enough. Teach you to choose a swimsuit, there are countermeasures!

I always feel that the swimsuit with thin shoulder straps and shoulder-cut shoulders is very picky. Only the slim ones below are suitable. The hot spring swimsuits are slightly more meaty, especially strong, the breast and upper arms are completely exposed. . Therefore, people who are not thin, try not to wear a halter neck

paragraph. To choose the following, the shoulder strap position is best to rely on two swimsuits. Those who have a waist-bellied belly and a big belly are advised not to wear a split-type swimsuit, but to choose a one-piece, one-piece swimsuit.

Because of the split swimsuit, there is no fabric strength on the belly to wrap your meat, but it is a one-piece swimsuit with a certain package and astringent effect! Remember the pictures and texts that I wrote a while ago, and teach you how to choose a slim hot pants? Inside, mentioning the choice

Hot pants on the side of the trousers, not only thin, but also leg length, but also hip effect! If you are only a thick thigh, it is recommended to choose a swimsuit with a skirt design, and cover the thickest part of the thigh.