Swimwear Purchase Skills

- Jan 26, 2019-

If you join a group of women who don't dare to wear a bikini, then do the following to ensure that you will be confident. First, obviously, invest in a bikini that is really good and enjoyable. Second, almost every woman buys several bikini tops and bottoms, including

I am myself, so choosing a brand that can be sold separately is a good way to match a swimsuit, although sometimes it will be a bit confusing. I also persuaded the store to sell it to me, and it was worth the trouble. Of course, you can also consider buying a vest top, I like to use it to match the bikini.

Wear or dress skirts, trousers, beach skirts. A vest-style swimwear is younger than a one-piece suit and more subtle than a bikini, especially if you don't have confidence in your lower abdomen. Of course, it’s a fantasy to want a bikini to make you look thinner.

It really makes your chest and hips more charming.

Remember that unless you have a pair of long legs and a slender figure, don't wear boy-style boxers, it doesn't really look good. Most people's body is still more beautiful with swimwear pants with straight or scoop cuts at the back. What makes people feel interesting is that they are not covered in the buttocks.

The more you get, the thinner you are. Many women wear less. For example, some people wear high-cut bikinis and they are better than the ones. The adjustment of the neckband tends to create a charming cleavage, and some women with full breasts can choose the top with steel support, but this effect will be exaggerated.

. I personally still like the girl who is a little thinner wearing a thin halter swimsuit.

Color is the most important factor when choosing a bikini. I found myself very suitable for lavender and turquoise at the beginning of the holiday, because the skin color is still very pale; after the tanning, the warm and colorful colors should be on the scene. I don't like wearing a white bikini when the skin is very white, but after tanning

White has become my first choice. I love to see people like this: Usually only wear black and beige in the city, the arrival of the holiday, let them immediately become colorful butterflies. The girls were very brilliant when they were wearing pink and orange. I have lived in India for a long time, where women

The bright colors of women’s wear make my spirits exciting.

Almost everyone has shortcomings, and there are not perfect places that will make us less confident. So what we have to do is to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses. Maybe the charming cleavage, maybe the slender legs, the rounded shoulders, the seductive back, etc., will always have at least one beautiful part.

My advice is: Never emphasize your deficiencies to outsiders. Be aware that no one noticed them before you cried to others: "Look at my ugly thighs."

There is a beautiful girlfriend like a fairy, but her body is good, but she never reveals her abdomen because she leaves some scars during pregnancy. Even if she saw her during the holidays, no one thought she was “deliberately hidden” because she always wore so sexy, a one-piece halter swimsuit, or could show her body.

A vest with a mini skirt. She has a full chest, a perfect back, slender legs, and her figure seems to me to be as beautiful as a work of art. If you really don't like some parts of your own, don't show it to others.