Swimwear Classification

- Jan 26, 2019-

For women who love beauty, it is very important to choose a swimsuit that suits your body shape and personality. The following suggestions are for reference only.

The one-piece swimsuit one-piece swimsuit is the most insured, most classical swimsuit, and is an excellent choice for shy women.

For women who are not willing to express themselves, the boxer swimsuit is more conservative, but its shortcoming is that it will make the legs look very short, so choose carefully. Boxer swimsuits are also suitable for people with thinner thighs. High waist swimsuit

For women with small abdomen, it is advisable to choose a high-waist swimsuit, preferably with a twill, to achieve the waist-lifting effect, and to divert attention to achieve the effect of the modification.

For women with flat hips, choosing a skirt-style swimsuit is very suitable, both visually beautifying the hip line and showing the grace of the legs.

It is the choice of fashionable ladies, and women with good shape can choose.

If your chest is full and your hips are very fat, you can choose a large V-neck swimsuit, but the pattern should not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the overall effect.

Everyone always thought that bikini is a patent for a good woman. In fact, even if you don’t have a good figure, only

Choosing the right bikini can also cleverly cover up the shortcomings of your body and let you show off your charm.

The international standard for the content of spandex is about 18%, the better the swimsuit, the first is to reach the content of 18% spandex.

A good swimsuit should be very tight. Of course, the elasticity is not as big as possible, but the rebound is better. It is better to return to the original after repeated stretching. It is also necessary to feel good. Note that swimsuits are not as expensive as possible.

The style and color of the swimwear are also an indispensable choice for everyone. This depends mainly on your personal preferences.

Before entering the water, the swimsuit should be wet with water, so that the swimsuit can be sucked into the water. This can prevent the chemicals in the pool or the minerals in the seawater from being absorbed by the swimsuit and destroying the swimsuit. Put on your swimsuit and apply sunscreen. After swimming, you should rinse your body and take off your swimsuit. Such as

If you are not in a hurry, you should immediately wash your swimsuit with clean water and treat it as soon as you go home. Never leave a wet swimsuit in a plastic bag, a tote bag, or a suitcase for too long. After each swim, wash your body with a shower, and wash your swimsuit with soap.

Dried in the sun. Bathing suits borrowed or rented are unsanitary and are also prone to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases. Don't put on your swim while the swimsuit is not drying.