Simulated Leaf Plants Become Very Familiar Words

- Jan 26, 2019-

In the past years, artificial leaf plants have become a very familiar term in our lives. Whether it is in major shopping malls, hotels, entertainment venues, community parks or municipal projects, we can see the simulated plants. The emergence and popularity of simulated plants make many expensive and difficult to see

Plants can be seen in everyday life, which not only helps to beautify the environment around us, but also enhances our knowledge.

Of course, the reasons why the simulated plants are sought after are not only the above, but also the reasons for social development. With the rapid development of the economy, the pace of life of modern people is getting faster and faster, and the pressure of work is constantly increasing. People hope to enjoy the beautiful scenery to relax after work.

We ourselves, in modern cities, we don't have much time and space to plant real flowers. Therefore, people's eyes gradually turn to the simulation plants that are realistic and easy to handle. This is also the main reason why all the artificial plant walls are welcomed by modern consumers.

Why the artificial plant wall will become the decorative material of the market, the artificial plant wall meets the requirements of different consumers for health, green and environmental protection life from the perspective of time, beauty and human wisdom, and is an inevitable requirement of social development. Time: time for our modern people

It is very valuable, and the simulated plants are compared with the real plants and flowers, and they are not always maintained and durable. Don't worry about whether it survives, reduces stress and time. Unaffected by natural conditions such as sunlight, air, moisture, and seasons, it can be used according to site needs.

The heart selects plant species. Whether it is in the northwestern desert or the rainy and humid Jiangnan city, the Yaxuan green plant wall can create a green world with four seasons like spring, and its service life is far more than true plants, which lasts for 3-8 years. Beautiful: strong sturdy, floral tree with

The shape changes you want, lively, vivid, and don't worry about the appearance change caused by the withering of flowers and plants. This is a true plant that cannot be compared. The simulated plant wall is composed of two parts: the simulated plant and the bottom net. The grid has a male matching socket around it, and the grid is vertically and horizontally vertical.

There are a plurality of arrow-shaped plug posts, the artificial plant is composed of a plurality of green leaves and the stalks of the green leaves are connected, the connection between the shank and the shank of the green leaves is V-shaped, and the V-shaped bottom has a plug hole and a splicing frame. The upper arrow-shaped plug post is mated. Beautiful and elegant, and installed at the same time

Convenient, what kind of popularity is such a simulated plant not popular?

Wise: With the understanding of people's thoughts and the complexity of life, people in the real world are increasingly looking for simplicity and reality. Simulated plants, it is to cater to people's simple and practical psychology, a product used for a long time to decorate, can be said to be value for money. Because you know this

Many of the advantages and benefits of these plants, so you choose to simulate plants to decorate your environment, so that your daily life is full of green and symbolic life.

In the modern city, surrounded by reinforced concrete, the emergence of simulated plants is a little bit angry and green for our lives. The artificial plant wall is used as a fashionable home, office, public place decoration and beautification alternative products, Zhengjiangjiang North and South. With people's ideology

The gradual transformation of the state, the progress of the trend, the update and improvement of the simulated green plant product process, the simulation of the simulated plants are getting higher and higher, the functions will be more and more, and the simulation plant wall market is very large!