PU High Artificial Flower

- Jan 26, 2019-

PU high artificial flower is a new technology in the simulation flower industry in recent years. This technology uses the characteristics of PU material to give the product anti-wrinkle, waterproof, non-worm, pollution-free, washable and high simulation. The PU high-simulation flower is not only the shape, the color is the same as the real flower, but even the feel is very true.

Flowers! The technology of artificial flowers is also constantly evolving. Paper, cloth, enamel, yarn, velvet and other materials are constantly applied to the production of fake flowers. It is more realistic and more like the goal of artificial flowers. With the application of new materials, this goal is being practiced. PU high artificial flower is an extreme imitation

Really, it is not only the shape, the color is the same as the real flower, and even the feel is very like a real flower. The key to this is the use of polyurethane, a material that has never been used before. It is understood that PU high simulation flowers have appeared in foreign countries for several years, and have entered the country for more than 2 years.

not much. PU material simulation flower process: a petal of a petal is directly extruded through a mold like a toothpaste, and then cut, colored, glued, and pasted. Its advantage is that the shape of the petals with large curvature can be vivid, such as calla, mandala, devil tulips, etc.

. In the production process, the artificial flowers of the PU material can be added to the fragrance to give the flowers a true floral fragrance. However, the shortcomings of this artificial flower are: some color coagulation is not as good as scented flowers, such as white, easy to fade, as easy to break as real flowers, easy to touch with fingernails;

The thickness is therefore not as good as the flowering, petite petals and stamens. Industry insiders say these shortcomings will improve as the process matures. The artificial flower made of polyurethane material is costly and expensive. The retail price of a rose made of PU material

It is as high as 50 yuan - 80 yuan. Therefore, PU high-simulation flowers are mainly sold to Europe, America and Japan. Currently, only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities have PU high-simulation flowers. From the production area, it is mainly two production bases. When I first saw these flowers, most people

They will be shaken, because their fresh life has reached the highest level of artificial flowers. They seem to have just been taken from the fields, not only wrapped in wind and rain, but also with the fragrance of the fields. Their colors make you dizzy and have oil paintings. The effect is put at home, just like enjoying a three-dimensional

Oil painting. The new Japanese artificial flower has no delicate flowers, and there is no ordinary artificial flower. The flower rod can be bent at will, and the flower petals can be curled and kneaded at will, but the material itself is not hurt by a trace. Every part of the new Japanese artificial flower has passed

Careful consideration, truly embody the word "simulation", to make the artificial flowers look more beautiful and more style than flowers, which is inseparable from Japan's advanced production technology. A potted butterfly orchid with a height of 40 cm, the production cost is less than 15 yuan, and the market price is more than 300 yuan.

The market price is as high as $95. A potted plant with a height of 45 cm and a small orchid, the production cost is less than 10 yuan, the market price is more than 280 yuan, the international market price is 80 dollars, and it is very popular and extremely popular.