High Artificial Flower Maintenance

- Jan 26, 2019-

1. Please do not put the artificial flowers in the sun for a long time, otherwise the flowers will lose their vivid colors and become more and more bleak.

2. Please do not put the artificial flowers in the water for a long time, especially hot water, otherwise the flowers will fade.

3. If the flowers are stuck with dust due to prolonged placement, use a soft brush to rinse the petals and leaves and place them in a cool place to dry. The above cleaning method has been made very clear, not much to say.

4, the artificial flowers are mostly tanning, it is flammable material, please stay away from candlesticks, candles, incense and other fire sources.

5. The flower stem of the artificial flower can be adjusted according to the demand, and can be directly bent or pruned. Online popular online shopping, a lot of artificial flowers are purchased online, in the process of transportation, some deformations and other small troubles are inevitable, the following will talk about how the extrusion deformation of the transportation process is restored 1

When the bouquet is shipped, the branches are usually densely packed to reduce the space. After receiving the goods, please slowly spread the branches outwards and adjust to the state you think is the most natural. 2. If the extrusion deformation is encountered during transportation, under normal circumstances, the branches and leaves can be adjusted to restore the effect.

Fruits can also be used to open the water and steam to deform the branches and leaves, and the material becomes wet and soft, and the wrinkles disappear and then dry. This method is common to any one of the flowers. Blowing with a hair dryer is more conducive to plasticity. Because the opening of flowers is more than ten days and a half, and two days and three days, the eyes are dying and can only become

For instant memories, and maintenance cleaning troubles. The emergence and application of artificial flowers meets people's requirements for the timeliness of flower viewing, and the life of flower works can be extended. In addition to long-term maintenance of artificial flowers, it also has the characteristics of strong plasticity, giving the floral designer a bigger

Freedom of creation. The combination of various floral productions such as bending, folding, stringing, and shearing provides a broad stage for the emergence of vivid floral works. The vivid image of the artificial flower and the diversity and richness of the match bring us enthusiasm, surprise, shock and eternalbeauty of.