High Artificial Flower Cleaning

- Jan 26, 2019-

The benefits of artificial flowers are: easy to care, and no watering! However, there is a lot of dust in the air. It is not good to fall on the petals and the leaves. At this time, we can clean it regularly, and it can still be restored as beautiful!

First, the artificial flower cleaning method randomly placed is the artificial flower placed randomly, that is, the flower rod is not fixed on the dry flower mud, and can be placed at will. This flower is best cleaned. First take the flower out of the vase and wash it directly with water. It can also be washed in a basin (

However, the hand should be lighter, although it is not really flowers, it is also very delicate.), but it is best not to put detergent, some washing powder is corrosive, so the flowers are easy to fade, and the dust on the flowers, just It can be cleaned. Clean flowers, not long

Time is over, draining water will do. To prevent staining, please wash the color separately.

Second, the set of floral cleaning method set floral is mostly inserted in the flower mud, if you unplug it, after drying, the original shape may change. The overall set of floral art is divided into large-scale floral and small floral. Small flower art: just rush the whole set of flowers

. After flushing, tilt the pot slightly, drain the water in the pot, place it in a ventilated place, and dry it. It is not suitable for long exposures. Large floral: Wash with a watering can and a rag. Sprinkle water on the flower with a watering can, try to have water on each flower, then wipe it with a rag.


Third, European style flowers, sequins, yarn cleaning methods Most of the flowers can be washed, but some flowers are made of yarn, some with sequins on the top, not easy to clean or easy to drop sequins, in this case you can use a pair of tweezers Dry rags, but the interval should not be too

Long, not cleaned for a long time, if there is too much dust accumulation, it will not be lost. However, if you like the old classical feeling, you can clean it again after a long time.