High Artificial Flower Art Value

- Jan 26, 2019-

Modern people yearn for nature, pursue the art of life, pursue comfort and coziness, artificial flowers have been greatly improved in the quality of materials, from the past manual to the current computer spectrum, printing and molding. The name of the artificial flower is the same as that of the imitation flower body. The stems, leaves and flowers made of polymer resin are specially

Special bright finish and matte finish. In the use of flowers, paper flowers, hand-rolled flowers, silk flowers, forged flowers, and wheat-based flowers are mainly used. In the field of floral design, artificial flowers occupy an extremely important part and are widely used in the commercial field.

Artificial flower making method

1. The flower pattern is injected into the mold into the vulcanized rubber solution, and then cooled to form a blank of flowers or leaves; Coloring the color of the blank obtained by 1 can be achieved by the following two methods: (1), the sleeve is immersed in the vulcanized rubber solution of other colors, and then the blank obtained by 1 is immersed in the vulcanized rubber solution of other colors, and then

Cooling is proposed; (2), color spray using a spray gun to paint the desired color on the blank obtained by 1; 3. The hot synthetic type puts the 2 colored blank into a heat sealing machine, controls the heating temperature to be about 200-300 ° C, and uses the mold to emboss the blank to form a finished product; Assembly

The finalization process will be completed by the three-step heat-sealed finished flower and leaves fixed on the plastic glue rod by hand winding or mechanism; Second, the production of the cloth-containing plastic flower: 1. The flower processing type is made of pearl cotton, the thickness of which is 0.5-1mm, and the pearl cotton is placed under pressure.

The model of the machine is stamped into the fabric of the artificial flower; 2. Hanging glue will be immersed in the vulcanized rubber solution from the cloth obtained by 1 and then cooled, and the vulcanized rubber is solidified thereon to complete the blank making; Coloring the blanks obtained from 2 can be achieved in two ways:

(1), the sleeve glue will be immersed in the vulcanized rubber solution of other colors, and the two-step operation can be repeated; (2), the color spray can use the spray gun to paint the desired color on the blank obtained from 2. ;4. The hot synthetic type puts the 3 colored blank into a heat sealing machine, and controls

The heating temperature is about 60 ° C, the heating temperature is lower to avoid melting the pearl cotton as a cloth base at high temperature, and the blank is embossed by a mold to form a finished product; The assembly and setting will be fixed by four steps of heat-sealed finished flowers and leaves on a plastic rod that is manually wound or mechanically

The entire manufacturing process can be completed. The craftsmanship of artificial flowers is very delicate, delicate and realistic. For example, the thickness, color and texture of rose petals are almost the same as real flowers. The blooming gerbera is also sprinkled with drops of dew. Some sword flowers have a pair of bugs crawling on the tip of the flower.

There are also some woody sea otters that use natural stumps as branches and silk to make flowers look lifelike and beautiful. Artificial flowers can be used to beautify the home, and can also be decorated in public places such as large hotels, exhibition halls, supermarkets, stations, etc. It is reported that nearly 50 years have passed.

The simulation flower has formed a large-scale industry. The economically developed countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Germany and the Netherlands have increased the sales of artificial flowers. In 2004, the United States spent a total of 1.75 billion US dollars on artificial simulations, a 1.5-fold increase over 10 years ago. Dry produced by Australian

Flowers are as famous as tulips produced in the Netherlands. Has been exported to more than 60 countries. Recognized as "the flower of fashion that never fades." Singapore, which is rich in “Huji”, is even more creative in applying the gold plating process to orchids to create a variety of brilliant

Accessories such as brooches, earrings, and pendants are popular with many stars, singers, and stars. It can be seen that the commercial value of artificial flowers is extraordinary. Turning over the historical materials, Chinese folks are no strangers to the application of artificial flowers.