Can Swimwear Be Worn As Underwear

- Jan 26, 2019-

It is an indispensable choice to have a beautiful swimsuit in summer. Many people can't tell the difference between swimsuit and underwear. Let's take a look at this article! Swimwear can be worn as underwear. Underwear should be chosen to be close to the body, tight and appropriate, sweat-absorbent, cotton swimsuit is too tight, does not absorb sweat,

It is not recommended. It is also conducive to blood circulation in the underwear that is too tight.

As long as you like, what can't you do? Just dryness and sweat permeability are completely different. The swimsuit is not used in the water. It is not necessary to calculate the problem of your perspiration and moisturizing. The most important thing about swimsuits is the beauty and anti-lighting. No, because the nylon cloth of the swimsuit is made

The skin of the leather swimsuit factory is not good. It is best not to wear it. It is best to choose cotton when choosing underwear. It is very bad for the skin of the female lace. Pay attention to it!

The difference between swimsuit and underwear is that the difference between swimsuit and underwear is mainly in the three aspects of function, fabric and appearance.

1 different functions

Swimsuits should be suitable for underwater sports. This requires swimwear to be waterproof, and there is less resistance to water during underwater sports. To achieve this, the swimsuits are designed to be very tight. The most important thing about underwear is that it is comfortable and not too tight.

With its skin-friendly, breathable and hygroscopic properties, keep your skin dry at all times.

2 different fabrics

The angle of fabric selection of swimsuits and underwear is completely opposite, mainly reflected in the hydrophilicity of the fabric. Swimwear is often made of DuPont Lycra, nylon, polyester and other waterproof and elastic fabrics, while underwear is made of pure cotton fabric with good water absorption.

3 different appearance

Swimwear is designed to be worn with a focus on visual effects. The material is relatively thick, stylish, and has a wide range of styles and patterns. The underwear is worn inside, the material is lighter and thinner, mainly in solid color, and there are no more styles of swimsuits.

Swimwear is generally only worn during summer swimming, and underwear should be worn all year round. Swimwear can't replace underwear. The original swimsuit factory does not have the breathability and hygroscopicity of underwear. Similarly, underwear can't replace swimsuit. The reason is that underwear does not have Swimwear waterproof, and cotton underwear

It becomes translucent after absorbing water and is prone to embarrassment. Precautions for wearing swimsuits

Take a small exercise or swim in the water. If you don't pay attention, you will make the sexy swimsuit become a prostitute. Want to avoid the light, the careful and meticulous test, carefully observe your actions, and carefully prepare the fitted clothing.

Clear hair

For bikinis with extremely high skin sensitivity, it is necessary to clean excess hair, such as underarms, arm swimwear, legs, legs, etc. When removing hair, care should be taken to prevent scratching. Careful effects of soaking bacteria will have a certain degree of recovery. influences.


Care should be taken not to let your skin be devastated by the sun. Apply 50 times more sunscreen to the beach and apply it once every 30 minutes to achieve the best sun protection. The swimwear inside has always been in a relatively awkward market position and has never been able to link with fashion. But reverse

In view of this, it is precisely because of the lack of brand-name effect that the market value of domestic swimwear can never be improved. Ordinary consumers are generally swimming pools, swimming pools near the bathing area to buy swimming supplies. Another part is the purchase of sports goods counters. Because of swimmin

This sport requires more than just swimwear and other accessories. For example: swimming ring, diving glasses, earplugs, etc. Considering the convenience of purchasing goods, consumers will definitely go to a store that can sell the items they need at one time, instead of going to underwear.

Shop to buy swimwear, then go to other places to buy swimming rings and other items. In addition, after investigation, most consumers changed their swimsuits once a year, and a few were replaced in two years. Short use period and high replacement frequency make ordinary consumers less willing to spend "big price"

"Money" invests in swimwear. In contrast, the brand underwear in the underwear store is priced at four or five hundred yuan, and even thousands of dollars. For the fast-wearing clothing products of swimwear, the high price of brand swimwear is obviously Beyond the psychological and economic acceptance of ordinary consumers

ability. Every summer, in large supermarkets, general shopping malls and even clothing wholesale markets, swimming suits of around 100 yuan have always been popular varieties. This also reflects the objective needs of consumers, and the ideal price of swimwear in most people's minds. Can't help but say that there is a lack of brand name

Should, one of the reasons why the market value of swimwear can never be improved. At the same time, brand swimwear is also faced with the horrific situation of being “cloned”. It is a swimsuit that spends a lot of money on brand swimwear companies and researches designers to make painstaking efforts. Once listed,

It will take two or three days, and a week later, the cottage products will spring up like mushrooms. The cottage version of the swimsuit, in addition to the different fabrics, styles, colors are almost chaotic. This also affects the sales of brand swimwear on a large scale, hindering the long-term development of brand swimwear.In the market, consumption habits and other reasons.