Artificial Flower

- Jan 26, 2019-

Artificial flowers are fake flowers made of materials such as stretch, crumpled paper, polyester, plastic, crystal, etc., and dried flowers baked with flowers. The industry is widely known as artificial flowers. As the name implies, artificial flowers are made of flowers as a blueprint and are copied with materials such as cloth, yarn, silk and plastic. Nowadays

The craftsmanship of artificial flowers is getting better and better, and it can be almost confusing. In addition to the imitation of various flowers, there are also varieties of simulated leaves, simulated branches, simulated weeds, artificial trees, and simulated plants.

In addition to long-term maintenance of artificial flowers, it also has the characteristics of strong plasticity, giving the floral designer greater creative freedom. The combination of various floral productions such as bending, folding, stringing, and shearing provides a broad stage for the emergence of vivid floral works. Realistic artificial flower plus

The diversity and richness of the match bring us enthusiasm, surprise, shock and eternal beauty. Artificial flowers, also known as artificial flowers, silk flowers, silk flowers, artificial flowers can not only keep fresh for a long time, but also can be free to do according to the season and needs: spring is arranged by you,

In the summer, the cool and cool hands are coming, the autumn can be a golden representative of the harvest, the winter can be warm with the eyes full of fire and red; the rose can be expressed at any time, and the peony can be sent to convey the blessing. A vivid appearance, a variety of shapes, a longer viewing period and a richer styling technique

It is a strong reason why people love to simulate flowers. In China, artificial flowers have become a regular item. Whether it is opening ceremony, wedding reception, office space or home environment, there are artificial flowers. It is reported that the sales of artificial flowers are growing at a rate of 40% every year.

In foreign countries, especially in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, more and more people love handmade products. The artificial flowers are favored for their unique advantages such as low price, low maintenance cost and unbeaten success. Up to 60 billion, becoming an important industry for export earnings

One. The artificial flower is also called "silk flower" in Guangdong. It is because the fabric of the flower is usually made of silk cloth, and the silk cloth has a soft texture and bright luster. As the name implies, the flower is like silk. In Tianjin, people like to call fake flowers "绢花" because

In order to use the crepe cloth as a raw material for fake flowers, it is called 绢花, and the most famous hometown of 绢花 is located in Caozili Township, Wuqing District, Tianjin. Feature value editing

1, the flowers are gorgeous, the style is chic, dignified and elegant, the preservation time is long, and the four seasons are full of spring blooms;

2. The cost price is much lower than that of flowers, and the market has a large profit margin;

3, a wide variety, will not be out of stock due to seasonal alternation;

4, those who are allergic to pollen, can rest assured to enjoy;

5, while the craft enthusiasts get a leisure and entertainment, but also got a favorite gift and beauty to enjoy;

6, the work to give friends, is a rare personality gift, and make yourself full of the sense of accomplishment of the work.