What is an artificial flower

- Jan 19, 2019-

Artificial flowers usually refer to fake flowers made of materials such as stretch, crumpled paper, polyester, plastic, crystal, etc., and dried flowers baked with flowers. The industry is widely known as artificial flowers. As the name implies, artificial flowers are made of flowers as a blueprint and are copied with materials such as cloth, yarn, silk and plastic.

Today, the craftsmanship of artificial flowers is getting better and better, and it can be almost confusing.

Simulation flower price:

Many people think that the price of artificial flowers is too high, but for a penny, let us introduce why the price of artificial flowers is expensive.

Features of the artificial flower:

1, a wide variety, will not be out of stock due to seasonal alternation

2. A flower-lover who is allergic to pollen can feel confident and enjoy it.

3, while the craft lovers get a leisurely entertainment, they also have a favorite gift and enjoy the beauty

4, the work to give friends, is a rare gift, and make yourself full of the sense of accomplishment

5, the color is gorgeous, the style is chic, dignified and elegant, the preservation time is long, the seasons are like spring bloom, thank you

In the artificial flower market, many buyers feel that the artificial flowers are expensive and they are not worthwhile. In fact, the real artificial flower price is definitely worth the money, except for the defective products. Here is a brief introduction by the company, how to choose the real simulation flower:

1. Estimate the amount of flower space before purchasing. When you buy it, look carefully at the seller's size description. Most people don't feel the space of the picture. Although the picture is matched with the reference object, the size of the flower will still be wrongly estimated. Feeling, optimistic about the size in the description, if there is no space feeling

You can find the ruler to compare it in real space, so as not to deviate from the picture you see.

2, do not just look at the price, to measure from multiple aspects, choose a cost-effective flower. The simulation flowers in the domestic market are divided into high, medium and low grades, so the quality of the flowers is not necessarily low, and there are many factors such as its workmanship, size, material, dyeing and its different styles.

To measure.

3, the choice of color, you must first like, the color can be the same color of the main color of the room is light or dark, or warm color is sunny! White, green, pink and red are very versatile colors. .

4, the general living room should at least put a basin of floor flowers, TV cabinets, sofa corners can be, can play a double effect! The room, dining table, study and coffee table can be selected for each basin; kitchen and bathroom can be purchased at their discretion.

5, focus on the degree of simulation: a common feature that everyone is more common is ‘simulation’, which is completely imitated according to the reality of nature.

6, focus on cost-effective: This focus is a more general statement, and is our most common type. Generally used materials are crepe or plastic, there is not too much cumbersome process, the price difference mainly lies in the fineness of materials and dyeing and workmanship.