The role of home night light

- Nov 21, 2018-

Many people in the bedroom will be installed, why should they be installed? Before going to sleep, the headlights are still more dazzling. So there is a home night light. But everyone can't make good use of the home night light. At this time, we need to briefly understand the role of the home night light, and

Precautions for use! The role of home night light

1. Aromatherapy: Some nightlights are not only the function of lighting, but also the function of aromatherapy. This is the heat of the bulb that causes the essential oil to volatilize. This can eliminate odor, purify the air, decompose second-hand smoke, and relieve stress. And other effects. 2 lighting effect: there are strong and weak two

The gears and switch files can be adjusted in brightness; the lights used in daily use are too bright and glare at night, and the lights are soft and soft, which can produce a moonlight-like lighting effect. Warm lighting environment helps to calm people

, sleep peacefully, you can do aisle lights, save electricity. 3, the process of decoration: small night light shape, beautiful and practical, vivid shape, cute image; lampshade can be twisted down as a decoration or gift.

What are the precautions for use?

When installing, you should be higher than the bed. If you choose a desk lamp and have the habit of reading before going to bed, you should pay attention to the illumination range of the desk lamp slightly higher than your sitting posture. Because the height of the lamp is the same as or slightly lower than the height you are lying on the bed, when reading, by

It is easy for the eyes to feel uncomfortable when the light cannot be directed at the book. The switch on the bedside is preferably designed to be easily accessible. Whether you choose a desk lamp, a wall lamp or a floor lamp, you should consider whether the lamp is easy to switch and adjust.

The above is the function of the small night light introduced by Xiaobian and the precautions for use. The bedroom has a small night light that is also good! The color of the bed night light should be soft, because too strong light will eliminate people's sleepiness. Make your eyes feel uncomfortable. The hue is best in warm colors or

Neutral colors are dominant, such as: goose yellow, orange, milky white, etc. Bed night light placement, according to the principle of use, if there is a habit of reading before going to bed, then the bed night light range should be slightly larger. The switch of the bed night light should be within easy reach, so that it is easy to control.