The pencil case has four layers

- Jan 09, 2019-

This kind of pencil case has many shapes: it is a colorful model with airplanes, cars, books, pens, etc. This pencil case is inflatable. When you use it, just blow it or plug it in, and an inflatable pencil case will appear in front of your eyes. I forgot to tell you that this pencil case also has a special inflatable tube. Just connect the inflator and the pencil case together and press the button to inflate. 35 composition network

There are two buttons on the pencil case and a robot and password lock. If you want to open the pencil case, you must first enter the password. After entering the password, press the button of the first yellow color and the pencil case will open automatically. On the contrary, if you want to close the pencil case, press the button again.

The pencil case has four layers, the first layer can hold the pen; the second layer is equipped with the pen; the third layer can hold some important materials; the fourth layer can hold the money, you don't have to worry about things being stolen because there is a password. protection.

The robot on the pencil case is a pen for the master. For example, if you are doing homework, use a pen. At this time, you only need to say "I want a pen" to the small speaker on the robot. The robot will take the pen out of the pencil case and hand it to you. 35 composition network

After the homework is finished, press the first yellow button, the pencil case will be closed, and then press the second red button, the pencil box will automatically release the air and fold it up. At this time, you can put the stationery in your bag and wait for it to be used tomorrow.

how about it? This invention is good, I believe that 20 years later, such a pencil case will definitely appear.

Now, every student has a pencil case in his hand. However, some pencil cases are of poor quality. I want to invent a pencil case--smart pencil case.

One big advantage of this pencil case is that it can be "human-machine dialogue." When you use this pencil case, just say it. The antenna of the pencil case can be sensed. There are 5 keys on the pencil case: red 1, red 2, yellow, blue 1, blue 2, respectively: open the pencil case, close the pencil case, use stationery, organize the pencil box, puzzle game. When using the pencil case, press the yellow button and say the stationery you want to use. When you want to organize the stationery, just press the blue 1 and the pencil case will automatically close and organize the stationery. There is a note on the pencil case, and that is the progress. When you are in class, the blue 2 button cannot be pressed. When you are tired, the blue 2 button can be pressed. There will be 2 GAMEs in it: 1. Football; 2. Aircraft wars.

This pencil case is made of high-tech alloy and is not easily rotted, and it also has a password to prevent people from taking things away. The lock is useful when you forget your password. Just open the key and the "door" of the pencil case will open, so you don't have to worry about the password anymore.

Oh! By the way, this pencil case can also be fireproof! This is because the “skin” of the pencil case is watery, and even if the water is gone, it will add water by itself! This kind of pencil case is not afraid of being burned by the fire.

I firmly believe that if you want to work hard, if you think that anything can't be successful, then you are a useless person. The pencil case is rectangular, divided into two layers. The upper layer allows me to relax when I am tired, because this is a toy with a "Mickey Mouse" and a "Mickey Princess". Just move the two sides. The button will let them dance Latin dance. The next layer is well known. It is used to hold stationery. There are pencils called "Drawing King", "Eraser Expert" rubber, "Drawing Line God" ruler, pen and so on. They all live in this luxurious "apartment"!

This pencil case is not only beautiful, but also very practical. Whenever I need to use them, they are rushing to let me choose. Once, I wrote a wrong word, and the rubber rolled over, as if it was saying: "Feng Mai, you wrote the wrong word!" I found out, immediately changed the typo, I said to the rubber: "Thank you. !Rubber."