Simulation flower it will never fade

- Jan 05, 2019-

I believe that many people are expecting to add a little greenery to the home, to make the home look energetic, and to raise the flowers and plants. What should I do? Let the artificial flower bonsai alternative be the best policy, then how to choose the simulation Flower bonsai, what are the tricks, and Xiaobian

Let's discuss the simulation flower bonsai purchase and the related content of the Tuen Mun. I hope to bring you some choices. The simulation flower will never fade, you can arrange your favorite scene according to your own preferences, and you don’t have to take care of it like a real flower, like

If you are a very busy person, it will save you a lot of valuable time. Simulation flowers are not just about this advantage. Let's see what other advantages are there!

1, the flowers are gorgeous, the style is chic, dignified and elegant, the preservation time is long, and the four seasons are full of spring blooms;

2. The cost price is much lower than that of flowers, and the market has a large profit margin;

3, a wide variety, will not be out of stock due to seasonal alternation;

4, those who are allergic to pollen, can rest assured to enjoy;

5, while the craft enthusiasts get a leisure and entertainment, but also got a favorite gift and beauty to enjoy;

6, the work to give friends, is a rare personality gift, and make yourself full of the sense of accomplishment of the work. Since the opening of flowers is more than ten days and a half, and two days and three days, it can only become an instant memory and maintain clean trouble. The emergence and application of artificial flowers

It satisfies people's requirements for the timeliness of flower viewing and prolongs the life of flower works.

Although the artificial flower bonsai is very beautiful, it can be said that it is not a real flower, so it can not carry out natural photosynthetic effects, let alone release oxygen and purify the air. Therefore, the biggest effect of simulating the flower bonsai is also the most significant advantage, that is, the decorative effect, so we are not

It's a good idea to put the artificial flowers together with the real flowers. It looks very energetic and together is also visually superior. Let's finish the "mix and match" of true and false flowers, we can also test the color distribution of flowers, the first thing is to think about harmony with the main color of the room, and secondly

It is the color between flowers and flowers, and you can refer to some flowers and colored boards. If you are not so sensitive to the natural generation of color, perhaps you don't have time to adjust the color of the flowers, then decide to choose those artificial flower pots that can be "wild", you know,Many simulation bonsais are placed in every corner of the house and are very eye-catching!