Night lights need to be vigilant

- Nov 13, 2018-

Nowadays, many parents will say that the children are very timid and very afraid of black, so some parents give their children a light to sleep in order to give them some security. So gradually the children will develop the night when the children go to sleep. The habit of lights, but many parents don’t know

The child's physical damage to the child at night is very large. Sleeping with a light can greatly affect the emotional fluctuations of the baby, and sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep. According to a netizen, a mother recently encountered a very annoying thing, that is her daughter.

Red is now 6 years old. I didn't expect the 6-year-old child to be precocious. The red mother rushed to take the child to the hospital for examination. The doctor said: The secretion of melatonin in the child is insufficient, leading to precocious puberty. The child’s mother did not understand why: What is melatonin?

What is the lack of secretion?" At this time, the doctor asked the red mother: Did the child have a long time facing the computer or TV screen, or have the habit of turning on the lights at night?" At this time, the mother was stunned on the spot, indeed, The child is sleeping every night with your night light, because the child is afraid of black,

We all gave her a light sleep at night. The doctor said: It is this reason that leads to redness and precocity. At this time, the child's mother is very sad and very regretful. When a child falls asleep at night, the body secretes a substance called melatonin in the dark. through

Normally turning on the light to sleep will seriously interfere with the production of melatonin and affect the growth rate of children at night. This may lead to the early arrival of development. Therefore, parents should never make such mistakes again. If it really hurts the children, it is really too late! So how should parents train their children?

What is the good habit of sleeping and turning off the lights? First, parents can buy some furry toys for their children, let these small toys accompany the children to sleep, so that children will not be so lonely and afraid, which will also reduce their dependence on their light. Parents before the child has gone to sleep

You can accompany your child to tell the story to the child. After the child is asleep, the parent will turn off the light. If the child wakes up when the light is turned off, the parents can install a light on the side of the corridor and then slightly cover the door. Parents can also change the curtains of children's rooms to a little thinner.In this case, the street lights outside can easily ease the feeling of depression in the room.