My pencil case

- Jan 05, 2019-

My favorite pencil case The new semester mom bought me a beautiful pencil case, and I really like it. The material of the pencil case is plastic, and its shape is a rectangular parallelepiped. The color is pink, and there is a Minnie on the front with a big smile! There are also yellow English letters. It is a two-sided pencil case with a small Minnie pattern and English letters on the back. On the right side of the front is a small plaid with rubber; open the pencil case with different lengths of pencils, which help me write homework and draw every day. The biggest help for me is automatic lead. It not only helps me to write a beautiful and beautiful font, but its biggest advantage is that if the lead is broken, just press the button and the lead will come out. It is really convenient! Also useful is the rubber brother, which can help me correct the typo and write the correct answer and beautiful font. In the lower right corner of the pencil case, the pencil sharpener can be cut by simply pressing the button. The usefulness of the pencil case is really great! This is my favorite thing. In my bag, there is a brown-red pencil case, which was bought by me when I was two years old.

This pencil case has been with me for two years. I am now in the fifth grade, and it is natural. Its cover is a pattern of a Coke bottle, and there is a handsome boy on the bottle, wearing a scarf and carrying a bag. Open the lid, there are a lot of members inside, there is a polite pen, Mr., there is a lively and lovely rubber, a beautiful and elegant automatic pen lady, a lead-colored classmate with a milky smell, a little pissed pen lady...Open At the lower level, there are red-handed grandfathers who have few words, but because I am too careless, I lost the "head" of the old man, and he is mad.

Now, in the upper and lower years of my pencil case, left and right are posted with stickers of different sizes, and the "face" of the pencil case is spent, it seems to be angry: "You take me The face is broken, let me see people in the future! You lose my face, you lose my face." I listened, embarrassed spit red tongue.

I have a very beautiful pencil case. That was my ten-year-old mother bought it for me. This pencil case has been with me for three years now.

My pencil case is cardboard, and there is a sponge at the back. The pencil box is a yellow deer, which is very cute. A pair of black eyes seem to say: "Little master, you must study hard, we are friends." Every time I saw it, I overcame the difficulties.

My pencil case is very hard and the pen inside is very safe. Once, my classmates accidentally got rid of my pencil case. I quickly picked it up. I thought the pencil must have broken, but I opened it and the pencil was safe. There is a button on my pencil case, my rubber inside, a big long cover in the middle, my pen is sleeping inside it; the ruler is lying there comfortably, they have been busy for a day. Seeing this beautiful and magical box, I would associate the inventor of this pencil case. Making such pencil cases, they certainly took a lot of effort. The important part of the written test, without a pen, I can't learn, but the pencil case protects them. Whenever I get good grades, I look at it with gratitude!