My favorite pencil case

- Jan 14, 2019-

I have a beautiful pencil case, which is my birthday gift from my mother when I was tenth birthday.

This pencil case is made of cloth, so if you accidentally fall to the ground during class, it will not make a loud noise, it will not affect other students to attend classes, and will not break. It can be cleaned if it is dirty. Its color is blue, with a big bag on it, attached to a small bag, they are like two good brothers. There is a cute cartoon boy on the bag, wearing an orange baseball cap, wearing a light blue T-shirt, sitting there and reading the book intently. He must have been attracted by the storyline in the book. You see, he I laughed and my mouth went to my ears.

This pencil case is very fine, the inner layer is leather, and the sealing is very good. Even if a small piece of paper scraps is placed inside, it will not fall out from the inside. No wonder the store sells so fast, it can sell dozens of times a day. One!

From the outside, the color of this pencil case is a bit monotonous, but it is very practical. There can be a lot of things inside, pencils, erasers, rulers and pens, and a small pencil sharpener. They are all the school supplies I need every day. They are like my good friends, they will come forward when I need them. For example, in math class, you have to draw pictures, pencils and rulers to help. With their help, my drawing work is very beautiful. If you write the wrong word, the rubber that has been unknown for a long time comes in handy. In spite of your own pain, it uses a white body to exchange my clean, neat, and beautiful work.

The pencil case is like a big family. Pencils, pens, erasers, rulers... are all members of this family. They live in harmony, never quarrel, and help me with every assignment. The pencil case is the home of stationery. Without a pencil case, there is no home. How lonely is it!

I love my pencil case, it is a good helper for me to learn, a good friend in life.