I like the pencil case

- Jul 16, 2018-

I got a hundred percent of the exam. My grandmother bought me a beautiful pencil case with a sly Mickey Mouse. It smiled at Mimi and looked at the sky, as if thinking about why the sky was so blue.

Open the pencil case, where a small pencil case is lying, and a little rice mouse is drawn on it. Under the baby in the pencil case, a beautiful Mickey Mouse mother is printed.

Open the second layer of the pencil case, which is neatly placed with pencils, rulers, rubber plaques... When I was doing my homework, the pencil sister ran out cheerfully; when I was connected, the ruler brother ran to me quickly; when I wrote the typo, the rubber sister squatted out. It seems to be saying, "Sister, can I help you?" Once, my language test scored a perfect score. I happily took the test paper to my mother. After my mother saw it, I was very happy and praised me. I hope that I will continue to work hard and make better efforts, so my mother won me a pencil case.

I really like this pencil case, the green pencil case has a small box, and there is a small lock on the lid. There is also the Olympic Wufuwa. Open the lid, which is divided into three layers, the upper layer is placed on the ruler and the triangular plate, the middle layer is placed with pencil and eraser, and the lower layer is placed. A small notebook, it is very convenient to use, with the help of it, learning tools can be found.

I love my pencil case and love the five Fuwa on the pencil case. It gave me good wishes and brought me good luck in learning and progress. My pencil case is my birthday present. Its color is blue. The oval body is engraved with blue cat, naughty, curry, sheep, non-fiction, fat, like alive, especially good-looking. It has a white button on the side that can be opened with a single push, so don't worry about it being as hard as another pencil case. It has a blue cat multiplication table inside. It can hold eight pencils and a square blue cat rubber. I really like my pencil case, it is a good helper for me to learn.

Each classmate has his own beloved pencil case, which he likes when he buys it. It will become old after a long time. Can you produce a pencil case that is both beautiful and durable?

In my imagination, first of all, the pencil case is not easy to break, no matter how long it takes, it can be the same as the new one. Then, the picture on the pencil case can be freely replaced. What do you like to change? In addition, the stationery box can put music in addition to stationery, and when we are tired, we can listen to music to eliminate fatigue.

I believe that this kind of pencil case will definitely be available in the near future.

This is really a fierce and exciting game.

I have an exquisite tin pencil case, whether it is going to class or going home, I am a good partner with it. My pencil case looks great. It is wrapped in a dark green coat. There is a small octopus on my face that makes me laugh!

I always think that the pencil case is like a small house. In the small house, there is a naughty pencil brother, a ruler brother who loves to sleep, and a rubber mom who loves you. The small house is divided into two layers - the pencil brother and the rubber mother live on the upper level, and the ruler brother lives on the lower floor because he does not love sports. Whenever I do my homework, the pencil brother is always the first to run out. But as soon as the pencil brother made a mistake, the rubber mother would chase it out and lick its ass and let it do it again. Sometimes, the ruler brother jumped out, and because of the fear of beating, he and his brother worked together to make the work clean and beautiful. I like the ruler brother, the pencil brother, the home of the rubber mom - my pencil case.