Expert advice, do not sleep night light

- Dec 13, 2018-

From the colorful neon lights on the street to the various intensity and various colors of light in the home, this seemingly beautiful behind is actually hiding some hidden dangers: when these lights are designed and used unreasonably, they may also A threat to children's health. Expert advice,

Try to keep children from getting in touch with the lights. It is recommended to add a blackout lamp cover to illuminate the ground. If you want to rest at night, you don't need to turn on the night light.

    Lighting lights, decorative lights, and spotlights in the home are too bright and the eyes will feel stinging. Too dark eyes will feel tired. This is the cause of light pollution. Zhao Ying, a child health care physician at the Guangdong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, said that light pollution, also known as interference with light and light, has three major hazards to children:

    1. Damage to vision: The first victim is the eye that directly contacts the light source. Light pollution causes damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, causing visual fatigue and decreased vision. The main reason why high school students in our country have more than 60% of myopia is not caused by eye habits, but because of the visual environment.

To pollution, light pollution is the main cause of myopia. Light pollution has a greater impact on infants and young children. Stronger light will weaken the vision of infants and young children, hindering the development of visual impaired infants and young children, causing premature amblyopia and myopia in school age.

    [Recommended] Try to install a high-powered light bulb as much as possible in the home. It is best to use a blackout lamp cover instead of spotlights, candle lights, etc.

    2, affecting children's growth and development: newborns often in the light environment, often have problems with sleep and nutrition, feeding difficulties. The peak of growth hormone secretion in children occurs at 22 o'clock to 2 am after a night of sleep.

    [Recommendation] Zhao Ying pointed out that the best time for children to fall asleep is before 21 o'clock. Throughout the night, the artificially delayed time for children to fall asleep, the disorder of growth hormone secretion, leading to growth and development. Therefore, it is not advisable to sleep at night with a night light.

    3, disturb the natural balance of the body itself: the light makes people stay up all night, disturbing the natural balance of the body itself, so that the human body produces a kind of "light pressure." If you are under such pressure for a long time, the biological and chemical systems in the body will change, body temperature, heart rate, pulse, blood pressure will

It becomes uncoordinated and various diseases take advantage of it. In addition, people suffering from light pollution are prone to dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, loss of appetite and depression.