Creative handmade bamboo small night light

- Dec 27, 2018-

When you are asleep, there are people who start the night, oh, turn on the lights, and the other person will always be awakened by this light. At this time, you need a night light. If you are a baby mom with your baby sleeping, you need a night light. In the middle of the night, your baby needs to breastfeed or change diapers.

Lights, the light stimulates the baby, it is very bad for the baby's eyes. Although the night light is just a small light, it lights up countless nights. If you are afraid of black, but you can't light the indoor lights all night, then you must have a little night light to illuminate your night.

Drive away your fears, small spots, give you a touch of warmth.

Nightlights are generally not used as the primary source of light in the room and are often used as an auxiliary photo. When choosing a night light, we can choose the style we like according to our own preferences. Below is a small series to introduce some very creative and beautiful night lights.

Portable flip book creative night light

The book style book light can be opened and closed like a book, and the accessories are rich in various shapes. The magnet is strongly adsorbed and can be used anywhere. It has portability, a combination of aesthetics and practicality. The shape is small, the designer draws inspiration from nature, full of spirituality and freedom. Audio and other sound effects

Natural, pure and beautiful, LED lights are warm and beautiful. Support Bluetooth connectivity, wireless transmission, bringing a wonderful experience combining technology and nature. Isn't this a big power switch? Originally, this "switch" is also a night light, and it is still gravity-sensitive, on the switch

ON/OFF means the switching direction of this night light. You have to switch this night light and press it in the ON/OFF direction. Very creative and fun. This extremely retro-style kerosene lamp, although the shape is a kerosene lamp, but still depends on electricity. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Come to trouble. The kerosene lamp is also very retro-lighted. It can be extinguished by blowing a breath at the lamp. Since it is all about retro, then this little night light must have more quaint and simple temperament, because this little night light is actually bamboo, you are not wrong, it is pure

Handmade natural bamboo. Is there a natural and fresh feeling? Xiao Bian feels that putting one on his bedroom or room is really a bad thing.