Classification of night lights

- Jan 19, 2019-

A: Aromatherapy night light: more ceramic materials, divided into dyed, non-dyed, carved and other series. The top of the ceramic night light can be added with a small dish or a ceramic top with a groove to hold the essential oil for aromatherapy.


1. Insert the night light into the socket, check that it is fixed, turn on the light, then put three minutes of water and seven points of essential oil. After the night light continues to turn on for a while, the heat of the light causes the essential oil to volatilize, achieving the effect of aromatherapy.

2. Aromatherapy night light can purify the air, beautify the environment, and at the same time stimulate the nerves of the human body, promote metabolism, and improve sleep.

Two: pat the night light: suitable for placing on the bedside or next to the computer, using the human body's touch sensor to adjust the switch and brightness.

Three: voice-activated night light: suitable for places such as stairway aisles, using the sound generated by the human body to control the switch, at the same time, the night light is automatically turned off when it is not used for a period of time.

First, according to the switch type: divided into button type, plug-in type, remote control type, pull type, touch type, (infrared body) inductive type, voice control type, light control type and others

Second, according to the type of light source: divided into energy-saving lamps, LED lights, incandescent lamps, lamp beads, halogen tubes, fluorescent tubes

Third, according to the function to divide: aromatherapy night light, lighting night light, fun night light, craft decoration night light, holiday gift night light, pat entertainment night light, reading and other use night light

Fourth, according to the scope of use: corridor night light, bedroom night light, home night light, hotel night light, hotel room night light, leisure night light, exhibition night light, corridor night light and others.

5. According to the material of (shade): it is divided into PVC material, PC material, ceramic material, silicone material, plastic material, acrylic material, stainless steel pattern hollow carving and other small night light.

6. According to the shape of the lamp: divided into petal lamp, mushroom lamp, pattern hollow engraving lamp, star lamp, heart-shaped lamp, cartoon lamp, football lamp, humanoid lamp, various kinds of animal and plant shape lights, etc.

7. According to the transformer: electronic transformer, inductor transformer, and other transformer night light