Bedside night light selection

- Nov 27, 2018-

Nowadays, most users like to lie in bed and play with mobile phones before going to sleep, watching TV, etc., so for the convenience and increase of decoration, many people will put a bed night light on the bed, this kind of lamp is not only a kind of Fashion, but also bring great convenience to life, in addition

Small embellishments can also play a finishing touch, but when considering bed night lights, in addition to the appearance and practicality, feng shui is also a part that can not be ignored, then what are the feng shui of bed night lights? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian and hope to help you.

What are the night light feng shui?

1, the choice of bedside night light

Each type of lamp has a different catalysis for people's fortune. For example, a lamp with a classic taste seems to be unreal, but it has a town house, which helps to prosper the owner's career, and can also be a bedroom. Create a classic charm, while the stylish new crystal lamp has a good fortune

The utility, but in terms of shape, try to avoid triangles or lamps with prominent marks.

2, bedside night light color selection

In the choice of color, it is best to determine according to the numerology of the homeowner, so that whether it is fortune or other fortune, the help to the homeowner is greater, for example, the color of the owner’s "Yangming Huoxiangren" is Yellow, the lamps should be mainly yellow, can generate magnetic fields, avoid

It is advisable to use red lights, otherwise it will be upset. Bed night light

Generally speaking, the placement of such lamps should be on the bedside, but it should not be set too low, otherwise it will affect people's sleep comfort. Of course, it is better to avoid the position placed on the top of the head. Otherwise, it will not only suppress people's fortune. At the same time, it has an extremely negative impact on people’s career.

It is easy to destroy the gas field.

4, bedside night light feng shui pattern taboo

If the downlight is used as the auxiliary light source in the bedroom, then the three lamps should not be placed side by side during the installation. It is best to use the double row as the main, and the bed night light should not be placed at the door or Orientation in the suffocating gas, otherwise it will be very unhealthy and destroy the magnetic field wind of the house

water. How to make a smart layout of the bedroom bed night light

1. The setting of the bedside night light should be higher than the sitting position of the owner.

This type of lamp is mainly for the purpose of providing illumination, so the layout must meet the needs of the settlers for late reading. Many people choose to read a book to precipitate and upgrade themselves in order to get better sleep, so the bed night light It is especially important, and the light source is higher than the seat of the home.

The posture can provide better lighting effects and protect the eyes of the residents.

2, the bedside night light should be set aside before the setting

Some people will set this type of lamp to be wall-mounted, so if there is not enough wire head left, it needs to pull an obvious one when it is placed, completely destroying the overall beauty of the bedroom. On the contrary, if the wire head is reserved in advance, the dark line will be Hidden in the wire head, the bed night light really startsTo the dual role of decoration and practicality.