Beautiful artificial flower

- Nov 14, 2018-

Beautiful flowers can not only be used as an ornament, but also can emit fragrance, cultivate people's sentiments, and let people have a good mood. However, the fact that flowers are easy to wither and can not last for a long time makes many people worry, artificial flowers are in In this case, it will be enjoyed

The vast blue ocean market welcomes a broad development space. The artificial flower material is rich, and the branches can be arbitrarily shaped, which makes the creative flower art have more space. The artificial flower is a flower arrangement creation with various artificial flowers as materials. Artificial flowers are artificially modeled on natural ornamental plants.

Various fake flowers made from roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. There are plastic flowers, polyester flowers, silk flowers, crystal flowers, etc. depending on the material used in the production. In order to satisfy people's curiosity, Yimei artificial flowers have also created colors, patterns or qualities that are not found in nature.

The flower material of the sense has enriched the material of the artificial floral creation and inspired the creativity.

    The artificial flower level is high, mainly in the degree of simulation and color dyeing. High-level artificial flowers can even be fake. The artificial flowers with exposed flowers, various floral fragrances, prickles, fluff and white powder on the branches can be copied one by one. The artificial flower has purified air.

The outstanding characteristics of photocatalyst artificial flowers: not natural flowers, but there are plant flowers photosynthetic reaction, deodorization and sterilization, hydrophilic antifouling, anti-mildew and antibacterial, decomposition of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases in the air.

    Artificial flower arrangement, bonsai, fruit, vegetables and other products. The artificial flower image is vivid, vivid and colorful, and the shape is beautiful and generous. The photocatalyst simulation flowers can beautify the fresh air in the photosynthetic reaction while landscaping the flowers in the room environment, so that your life is intoxicated with the flowers.

, absorb the fragrant floral fragrance in the air. The artificial flower makes the indoor air fresh. At the same time, we can still keep youth, never fade, and always keep the plants and flowers bright and colorful.