Artificial flower matching and combination

- Jan 13, 2019-

The combination and combination of all things has a certain degree of coordination. Nature is a colorful world with a variety of colors. Therefore, the color matching is very important. Flowers need color matching, and artificial flowers need more. So how do the colors of the artificial flowers match? There are two kinds of weight

The desired color must be mentioned, that is, white and black. These two colors are called achromatic, and the achromatic and colored colors are more fashionable, and the modern ones are black, red, white and purple.

The matching of the same color is the contrast of different brightness, such as dark blue and light blue, orange and brown. A similar color combination is the combination of adjacent colors on the color ring (ie, any combination of triangles within the 90° angle of the color ring). Because of their hue, phase, purity

They are all close to each other, with transitions and connections, so the combination is easy to coordinate and looks soft and elegant.

The matching of complementary colors, such color matching is a strong contrast, such as red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue, etc., the contrast effect is strong, eye-catching, exciting, and has a strong visual impact. Contrast color combination. That is, the combination of the two corresponding colors on the color circle.

That is, a combination of complementary colors. Such as red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue, are strong complementary colors, they are easy to produce bright, lively, and warm effects, but need to be careful when matching, easy to give a kind of Vulgar, uncoordinated.

The color of the artificial flower is matched with people of different ages and will like different colors of flowers, and different occasions will also decorate the artificial flowers of different colors. Everyone knows that there are many manufacturers that can produce and sell artificial flowers on the market today. Various manufacturers are doing it.

The technologies used in the production process are also different. Therefore, the products produced in many cases will also bring different effects in the process of use. Therefore, it is very necessary for people to understand all aspects before purchasing.

one thing. However, for fake flowers sold on the market, people basically do not need to worry about quality. Because all the techniques used in the production process are very advanced, and the handling of some details is very good. So in qualityThe protection on it is very large.