Transparent Home Decoration Retro Glass Vase

Transparent Home Decoration Retro Glass Vase

In the bustling world, taste a bleak and French romance, appreciate the beauty of floral flowers, the embossed pattern of the bottle, and mysterious, silent interpretation, the combination of painting and sculpture

Product Details

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1.Exquisite workmanship: The edge of the bottle mouth is smooth and delicate, the texture is clear, and the texture is strong. Every detail is carefully designed, which pays great attention to high quality and is a craft. 2.High-quality materials: The glass vases of extremely high quality are very thick, giving the vase a gorgeous and luxurious appearance. You will be able to highlight your bouquet beautifully. 3.Best Gift: This vase is noble and luxurious, and can be used by your family or friends to decorate the house to give him/her the best gift and dare to follow your imagination. 4.Usage Scene: Your vase will find its location in any room, compatible with various decorations, suitable for bedroom, living room, bedside table, office, study, wedding, banquet.


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