Nordic Furniture Ceramic Vase

Nordic Furniture Ceramic Vase

The simple design of low-saturation color not only satisfies young people's pursuit of simple quality life, but also does not lose the color that life should have.

Product Details

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1.Safety: non-toxic, non-fading, non-flammable, recyclable, safe, such as children's sensory toys. 2.Wide range of uses: can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, conference rooms, home decoration, floral decoration. Nordic creativity, design style, simple atmosphere, fashion, strong sense of art. The 3.bottom is non-slip and is not easily damaged. 4.The lines are beautifully coordinated, and they are placed in the home as both vases and artworks. As a decoration, they live alone. 5.Decorate your family and give you a happy life experience. Send friends and family, the best choice for wedding gifts.


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