Gold Glass Vase Decorative Wholesale

Gold Glass Vase Decorative Wholesale

1. Only for those who understand the elegance of luxury style, 2. Good quality product details such as raw blown products are not industrialized products, bubbles are not defective 3. The sleek bottom is full of golden and finely polished hand-painted, and the luxurious temperament makes people love it.

Product Details

the best products for everyone,The luxurious gold is matched with transparent glass, and the luxurious temperament makes you love it.

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1. Handmade & Blowing Mouth: Each glass vase is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. A slight difference may occur. 2. Quality: The hand-made glass cylindrical vase is made of high-quality, flawless, crystal clear glass to maximize the visibility of the content. Each cylinder features a thick glass wall and a weighted base to ensure durability. import. 3. Uses: Transparent glass cylinders are very popular in fresh floral and silk or dried flower designs. But it is also often used as a candle holder, storage box (modern office), aquarium or fish tank,container and a central decoration with gems or lights.


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