3D Mink Natural Brown False Eyelashes

The simple and fast magnetic adsorption magnetic eyelash omits the complicated step of using the glue, so long as a slight suction can be finished, and the service life of the lashes can be prolonged

Product Details

How to apply

step 1 

Prepare your styling, roll natural lashes, if you are applying mascara, then apply false lashes.

Step 2

When you are ready to use the false eyelashes, carefully remove the eyelashes from the tray by loosening the inner corners of the belt and then pull out the remaining eyelashes. Never pull the eyelashes.

Step 3

Grab the * to measure the size. If the eyelashes are longer than the natural eye shape, trim the eyelashes accordingly and always cut it from the inner corner of the eyelashes.

Step 4

Place a layer of non-permanent glue on the belt of the eyelashes, let it dry for 30 seconds, then place the belt on top of your natural lash line and apply the eyelashes.

Step 5

Repeat steps for the other *, you are very charming, ready to go



The horse hair is very soft, especially fine, all the hairs are artificially placed.

So it will be a bit messy


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