Bamboo Wood Toothbrush Box

Bamboo Wood Toothbrush Box

The traveling portable tube package enables you to bring used toothbrush to your health and health on business trips. Natural environmental protection handmade toothbrush tube. Made from renewable materials. It's lightweight and very reliable. Perfect for your bamboo toothbrush, fits any normal toothbrush not just a bamboo one. Retro toothbrush packing box. Environmental protection manual. Natural original bamboo top and bottom, based on a bamboo production. Natural bamboo case is seen clean and new. Also, It is easy to wash and wipe. An eco-friendly alternative toothbrush holder Toothbrush travel containers/case/holder/carrier/storage box. Can packaging bamboo toothbrush, both ends with small holes, convenient and leaking, handmade fine grinding. Light natural bamboo fragrance.

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Factory direct sales Bamboo wood toothbrush box bamboo tube with Natural bamboo handle soft toothbrush



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Bamboo wood toothbrush box




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Bathroom ,Travel



Model NumberThu-1709



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Bamboo wood toothbrush box

People are arguing and discussing the big events of environmental impacts, such as deforestation, pollution, fossil fuels, etc. Do you know that even the simplest household items such as toothbrushes can affect the environment? Normally, the toothbrush used every day is made of plastic and needs to be degraded. Hundreds of years. If you are concerned about our environment and want to make a difference you will like our new product natoral stick definitely. Miswak is an excellent natural Healer to eliminate oral problems and has become a practice of different oral civilizations throughout the world since the practice of complete oral hygiene since ancient times. What sets natoral wands are different with natoral sticks that can integrate your favorite animals into your lifestyle. Our products stimulate and are not tested on any animal. 100% natural formula is biodegradable and good. It contains no chemicals and it will help you create a safer and healthier atmosphere in your home. Here are a few more reasons to choose miswak fresh breath. Nutrition knowledge. Strengthen the enamel.

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Pure natural organic toothcare Stick without water or toothpaste, use I to start easily

The magical character of a natural stick can help you meet your oral styling

Prevent plaque and gingivitis

Strong gums

Teeth whitening

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