Automatic Toothpaste Electric Toothbrush Holder

Automatic Toothpaste Electric Toothbrush Holder

The automatic toothpaste dispenser effectively solves the problem of too little or too much toothpaste extrusion when brushing teeth every day. With the structure of the toothbrush holder, your table top is no longer messy due to the random placement of the teeth.

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Automatic toothpaste holder toothbrush holder Wall Mounted Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Toothbrush                                                Holder



Product name

Automatic toothpaste electric toothbrush holder


ABS+Edible grade silicone


As the picture




Stylish simplicity

Model NumberFri-1050



Packingopp bag




Just reach out and squeeze the toothpaste to make it easy. Using the principle of vacuum extrusion, toothpaste extrusion is incomparable. Quantitatively extrude toothpaste, and do not touch the toothpaste tube during the whole process of toothpaste, which is more clean and hygienic. The product is attached to the wall, allowing your desktop to save more space and the overall simplicity. There are five toothbrush holders that can hold five toothbrushes at the same time to meet your family's needs. The intimate electronic watch design allows you to control your time more reasonably and let your child develop good brushing habits.

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