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Legoing blocks are plastic blocks with bumps on one side and grooves that can be embedded in the bumps on the other side. There are more than 1,300 shapes, each with 12 different colors, red, yellow and blue. White and black are the main ones. It relies on people's own brains to spell out ever-changing shapes, which are known as "magic plastic blocks."

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Legoing Building Blocks shoesToys



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Educational DIY Toys


DIY Toy, Educational Toy, Model Toy

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All basic Legoing components are made of plastic pellets whose main component is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Highly automated injection molding process processes these pellets into blocks of a certain shape.

The construction of the Legoing building blocks is very diverse and the same samples can be used in various construction methods. It is this diversity that makes the building blocks always exist. There are many sports shoes lovers in life, but there are hundreds of sports shoes. We can't collect so many shoes. After all, the shoes are still big. Therefore, we can use the building blocks to make shoes, exercise the production capacity in the hands, and get psychological satisfaction after the construction. It can be said that this is a better way to get more. 

Here are some samples of us:

                    Building-Blocks-Legoing-Shoes-Legoing-Building-Blocks (3)

                    Building-Blocks-Legoing-Shoes-Legoing-Building-Blocks (4)

                                                        (the image is only a reference)

The shape is exquisite, small and beautiful, you can have it as long as you can. We have more styles to choose from and you are welcome to contact us.

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