Detachable Needle Darts

Environmentally friendly color outdoor sports goods adult darts supplies detachable needle darts

Product Details

Model: 3*8 six color darts

Material: metal copper plastic

Length: The total length of the dart is about 10.5cm

Packing: 6 packs

Darts sports:

   1: Darts movement is a kind of general-purpose exercise, which can achieve a full range of fitness effects for modern office workers.

   2: The darts are mainly involved in the contraction of muscles and joints with fingers, wrists, elbows, shoulder joints, deltoids, triceps, wrists, and finger muscles, especially for some smaller muscles that are rarely exercised. training. The amount of exercise is not large and can be adjusted according to your needs.

   3: Darts can also relieve eye fatigue and exercise eyesight. Because the darts movement requires the rhythm of the eye to aim and relax, the eyes are relaxed and exercised in the eye, and the eye exercises are done. This is a good way to exercise for myopia and fake myopia in front of the computer. .

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